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Booking a Trip

Before booking a ticket make sure to contact us so we can pick a day that works with everyone's schedules. We also want to make sure the puppy is old enough. Brooke and I are available almost every weekend and some days during the week as well. Feel free to shoot either of us a text and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

  • Hope's #- 218-988-2220         

  • Brooke's #- 218-689-5176

Keep in mind that there are airlines that aren't very pet friendly. We have had some bad experiences with certain airlines. Listed below are airlines we love and airlines that you should stay away from when booking a ticket. 

Airlines To Stay Away From!

  • United

  • Frontier   

Airlines We Love!

  • Delta

  • American

  • Sun Country 

  • Jet Blue 

  • Southwest

  • Allegiant

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