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About Us

Hi my name is Hope Lyberg and my sister Brooke and I are Minnesota and North Dakota based puppy nannies.  We grew up with many dogs and this has translated into our daily lives as adults. I have a Mini Australian Shepherd named Shania and Brooke has a German Shepherd named Louie. Both of us work at a vet clinic in Fargo, ND. We get lots of experience daily caring for four legged friends. I started puppy nannying  back in 2018 when Shania had her last litter of puppies. Two of her puppies forever homes were in New Orleans. I decided to deliver them on Christmas Eve as a surprise for two very excited families. I really enjoyed this trip and decided I wanted to continue to do this as a hobby. My sister Brooke soon jumped on board with me as we have lots of family friends that breed puppies. During these uncertain times, we understand that people are unable to travel like they used to. Let us take the worry out of traveling and deliver your puppy safely to you.  

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